Wut the tut is going on

As I mentioned in my previous post,the last remnant post that I can play it for a short period.I begin to seek for a solution , as for the result I found that whenver the mechine got hotter the game play got lagging and eventually stuck . I decided to use a help from a third-party software to measure the temperature of my laptop and it really freaking me out, the temperature is about 101 celsius, WoW~ I can barerly cook something on that temp.

heres the screen shoot>>

Obviously it is bacause I'm using an AMD prosessor , I know AMD produced higher heat that Intel , but seriously din't aspect this.

This clip is the comparison of AMD and Intel prosessor.

Judge it yourself, some people would prefer AMD because of religious reason , Intel support zionis..that what they said,honestly I don't know the truth behind this fact,Wa'llahhualam~.But for performance I did honestly recommanded Intel's prosessor, why?.It use less energy,lest heat produced, more stable and more boost of performance compared with AMD's prosessor.But having an AMD prosessor is not that bad thought, unless for gaming.Argh,can't play much..I'm worry bout the heat produced may damaging the hardwares.But on the other side of view, it may act like a reminder for me to stop playing , hahaha..


  1. peh, giler arr....
    tuu aku tak ske sngat gne AMD nie...
    cpat panas....

  2. haha..tau x pe..
    advntage dia leh jimat 2~3 rtus compare ngan laptop yg pkai intel..

  3. alar, stakat 2-3 ratus jimat tapi tak tahan lame wat per...

  4. ala,bleh je than lame..
    kena pndai jaga la..
    x leh la nak wat keje berat2 cam main game tu lame-lame..

  5. hmm.. btul3..
    sape yg stok tak bukak laptop 24 hour mcm aku nie, takyah laa amek AMD... huhu...
    err.. ble laa PC Quad Core aku nak smpi nie.. ehe...

  6. "assembled in malaysia"... hahaah

    aku nmpak ade tertulis kt atas chip AMD tu td...

  7. haha..
    ade gak yg prasan..
    yup,mlaysia bnyk kilang asemble brngn elktrik..


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