Solat ku~sempurnakah ??

Today as usual after breakfast I'll stick to my computer..(hehe)
As my eye attracted to the Daily Hadith widget..
Oh my, today hadith is about Solat..
It makes me think..
Am I really perform it,did i miss any and if Ido perform,did I done it well..
Will my Solat been accepted?..

Hadrhat Abdulah Ibn Qart (Allah be pleased upon him) narrates that Muhammad (peace be upon him) said :"The first act about which one will be qestioned on the Day of Qiyammah will be Saalat.If Saalat is foud to be proper,other acts will pass as proper. But, if Saalat is found to be despoiled then all other acts too will fail"
                                                                                                                          (Tibrani, Ausat)
Ya Allah ku mohon kehadirat mu,
Kuatkanlah keiman ku dan masukkanlah aku didalam golongan yang bertaqwa..