Terrorist??are u??

The world been buzzed by war lately..
The latest,in Palestine..huge numbers of innoncent muslim been slaughtered,been murded by whom?..the 'Justice' guy perhaps,that what they said.."muslims are terrorist,they kill people..still remember the 11sep?,we're good guy..we kill the muslim"..
Ya right!,like we gonna fall into ur plot of drama..
I keep thinking that,this war is a-no-end episode..
we start the war then we win,the loser hold a grunge on us,then they keep it as a booster for them to be strong and take revenge,for second time we lose..then we hold a grunge on them...and this situation keep repeating over and over again..
So, what is the purpose of fighting and war..
Islam don't encourage the believers to commit war or even a fight unless in the name of protecting the honour of Islam..
Even dakwah is delivered in the most polite and pleasent ways..
So?..which side are u? the badass guys or the good one?..
~Muhassabah  urself to find the answers..may Allah guide us to the right path~insyaAllah