Pesta Buku::Pwtc::part2

yesterday i was so lazy to posting a post,sorry..tired lor~
hmm~how to begin..ok

I went there with my friend,En.Sabri.And yet our's first time for this kind of even.

We're looking forward for the book fair,held at Pwtc after seeing an advert on gempak mag.So,we decided to begun our 'bouken' to Pwtc on saturday,yes yesterday,although none of us actually had been there or know how to get there.Amasingly,we got there without been 'sesat'..haha..lucky for us although it was a gamble routes to take.Baru aku tau Pwtc kat sebelah Pekeliling je.

The atmosphere there some how 'melemaskan',here and there..packed with people.Norm la tu,pesta la katakan.So,en.Sabri and I directly went to GempakStarz booth as to redeem some goodies in exchange of coupons..for the first hundred lor..haha,nasib baik kami dapat.But I dislikes the location of the booth,why?..its damn small and at the corner of the hall,lot of fans had been there that make it too crowded and you know la Malaysian people if there saw a crowd they can't avoid to 'menyemakkan diri' although they had nothing to do there kan? haha..they really contribute on jamming the trafic .But,somehow I feel pity especially to the kids and veteren ,also for the O.k.u there.

I bought a few mag. because I don't read novel, but sometime i do.Haha,As usual library would be the best place for me to read , don't need to buy if you can get it for free.Oh,forgot to mention that I came across few people that I know,Miss Fye!! I saw you there but you don't see me.Haha,nak tegur tapi dia dah blah and my ex-classmate, with the same situation as Miss Fye.Really miss them.

Heres some pictures taken..can't snap a lot because of the crowd..

belok kiri,pastu kanan,pastu jalan terus..sampai la tandas

Some goodies that I bought and got for free.

I like to give my salutation to the Ministry of Edu for organising the Kuala Lumpur International Book Feast,its a positive even to held compare with others like Jom Heboh,concert or something similar..not much of profit to get..seriously.Last,my advice to you and for me , be a reader because we can gain ton of knowledge by reading.Even in the quran said in Surah'tul Alaq,'Iqra' bismirab'bikal alaq' mean read by the name of the Creator.The word 'Iqra' been stress-up here to show us, the believer the importance of reading.Wallah'ualam bisawaq.


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