Steps to speed up your pc

First of all, i'm bit impress because some of us actually know how to operate their computer and some does it well enough for a newb,in this case the 'os',operating system a.k.a 'window' for newb.But knowing to running them is some of the basic knowledge of computer.Learning this kind of knowledge seem to be crucial as for today most of us own a PC , laptop ,notebook, and even the new generation of portable PC the netbook,well netbook is kinda my favorite because it's so small and light plus it use the atom prossesor's series to operate..kinda cool believe me,for a cheap price and 8" in size it amazing!.Back to the topic, i want to stress that one not only know how to use but also to utilize their computer.

Here are some of the steps needed for you to follow to speed up your computer:

(~in my case i'm using window vista,the steps is similar for Xp user)

1-Disk defragment
-click the start menu button
-then 'all programs', 'accessories','system tools','disk defragment'
-double clicks it(some may enough with single click) to run the utility program

-just click the 'degfragment now' or 'defragment disk' to start the utilize prosess

2-Delete temporary files
-click 'run' on start menu

-type in "%temp%" without the bracket
-a window will open and you can find a bunch of files
-simply delete all those files,don't worry if you fail to delete some of the files just let it undelete because your computer is currently using that files

3-Reduce the start-up programs also known as background program
-click 'run' on start menu
- type in 'msconfig'
-a window will pop-up,then choose the 'startup' tab

-you will find a list of stuff,uncheck programs that you wish to disable as a background program
-simply click the ok button and allow your system(i'm using the term system to replace computer,ok) to reboot some say restart.
-for your own safety , uncheck the programs that you trust or know for example yahoo messenger,window updates,softwares updates or others programs that you don't wanna to run as you boot your system.

4-Uninstall unused/seldomly use program
-simply go to add/remove programs in control panel
-uninstall your selected programs by clicking the uninstall command

5-Upgrade/increase your RAM(random access memory)
-buy a new one and install it.
-I'll make a tutorial for the installation if you want..(just tell me,ok)

That is some of the basic utilities steps to utilize your system.There are other ways to utilize your system,some prefer to use thirt party software such tune-up utility,uni-blue etc.Those tool is easy to use any it come in handy for newb.Plus i use one too,it makes it easy by a single click..

Hope you likes it..