YaAllah~is it real!!

Today,my dad 'belanja' me a new spectacle..
as usual..hee~
OmG!!..the new 'power' of my eye,or in the other words my myopic indexs has reach 600,for both of them..
WoW!!..amazing tu,i'm not blind but i can't see clearly
pity me,but i'm still grateful to the Lord Almighty because He still give me a 'nikmah' of sight..i can still see things right..
So, you..readers esteem your eye,eat lots of vegy,believe me unleast you wanted to end up just likes me..

we're blind to be?no la..because we read~a lot~mmbeek..


  1. wow..thats a lot..i'm like 200 less than you..hee~ but still feel like a blind person without specs..lol.
    can't live without my specs! huu~


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