FullMetal Alchemist : Brotherhood

Entah la, lately its like a trend for them, the japan animation studious to remake the old anime.For example FullMetal Alchemist and DragonBall Z both have been remake and been changed the title,FullMetal Alchemist : Brotherhood (FMA:B) and DragonBAll Kai respectally.

In this case FMA:B , will follow the actual plot of the manga.Well for me who've watched the first 'season' I think its worth to rewatch the whole story again,because the previous one seem to be a different story or let say it's pretty much the same plot as in manga.And for those who don't know FMA they can still understant the story.

I recommanded for you to watch this anime it got all the 'things' needed , comedy,drama,trill,action and such.But for muslim it is advisable not too obsessed with this anime because basically it is a story of an atheist,most of the scientist are atheist, in an era of alchemist.They try to revive their mother!.But don't worry it only cover minor of the story and for the rest of it covered with good moral value like bravery,believe in oneself and such.

A word or two from me,we eat we live and we entertain ourselve but don't forget our responsibility.We all know our own responsibilities right,toward religious,parent and ourself.Do manage our time wisely,insyaAllah we can get profit out of everythings we do.


  1. Prefer reading the comic than the anime! It changes the whole story.. Grrr

    Don't be scared to Check out my blog..

  2. aku rase dragon ball kai ngan dragon ball z takder beza pape pon kot...
    same jee... tapi dragon ball kai starting time raditz dtg...

  3. >naqiubex

    a'ah,they change the whole story kan anime FMA yng dulu..


    yup,lngsung x de beza db z ngan db kai..ak ingat drng improve grphic die ke jadi lawa skit ke pe..same am dulu je..

  4. erm, graphic dlu lagi lawa kot...
    bulma elok2 kurus kat z, da jadi gemok kat kai.. haha...


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