Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and yours

Selamat Hari Ibu!!
Although you only got RASA magazine as a present from me but you still accepting it with a smile..
Sorry ,that the best I can give for now..
To all mothers and mothers to be out there wishing you a happy mother's day too~
Treat you mother as you treat them on that day every day ok.
Remenber ,Islam ought us to honoring our parents every moment,there is no specific time to do so.


  1. jap3..mothers day bile snarnyew??

    pd ak hari2 mothers day ^^

  2. slam klu x slap ak la..
    ala,kite orng islam nie x yh smbut pn x pe..nak smbut pn leh je,jnji x lnggr syrk..

  3. huhu... mothers day taun nie ari nie laa...
    10hb Mei 2009....
    Nak smbut tak kesah pon, lagi pon dlm Islam pon mmg kite diwajibkan ingat kat ibu kite...
    Apa salah klu kite ingat ibu kite n sambut die hari nie...

  4. everyday is a mother's day

    love u, mama

    love u, umi~

    p/s: i have two mom to take care, doakn aku.

  5. owh neem ade 2 mak..
    u have to take care both of them..k

  6. btul tu dee x slah pn nak sambut hari ibu..


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