New 'Page' at Main Campus::

At last masuk gak ak kat main camp'.Excited?,mesti la,hampir dua bulan aku tinggalkan buku.This time there is no such word as 'trail',gonna play seriously though still need to enjoy my youth..haha.

4 days of ta'aruf (orentation) sure push me to the limit.Tired and bored that're the best words to express this ta'aruf prog.I'm tired because I'm bored with the briefing and I'm bored because I'm tired..huh?.

Ya,majority complained bout the suffer to walk from mahallah to kuliah.Seriously,the distance is far as far as I go to section 14 when I was in PJ.But that comes the challenge.Come on I've been trained to be tough both physical and mental back then,(but eventually my physical state is...err...never mind lah,at least I still got my stamina).Although some time I do complained..haha.Tak kesah la tu,I'm here to study and to built my future.

Well,gonna grow stronger.Wish me succeed ok!.InsyaAllah


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