World Of Goo

Its been awhile for me to post a game review.So here goes.
As for this post I'll make a review bout a puzzle based game,The World of Goo (WOG) created by 2D boy.As other puzzle games out there WOG is an easy to play and yet challenging, so prepare your mind.

Basically you control a lot of cute round things called goo ball and it categories into several types of ball with special function or ability.The motive is to deliver a certain amount of goo ball to a pipe where the goo ball will be sucked in and be store for the custom play,at the same time you will also use the goo ball to build a path to the pipe.

Seriously,this game apply almost all the principal of physics ,friction,forces,dynamics and such.A very interesting and aspiring game to play with,especially to architecture and maybe engineering student.And that makes this game unique compared with others puzzle games out there.

This game is addicting!!

I'll give 4 out of 5 for this game:

-first it's a challenging game and suitable for me to test my physics concept
-a neat and simple graphics
-cute goo ball and voices
-it gonna turn to be easy to play if you've master the techniques..I hate that

click here to download the demo


the full version here (I only provide the link that I found vie google)