Good Pay without 4 years degree

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Todays article grabbed from Yahoo!.

Good Pay Without a 4-Year Degree

10 Careers With Shorter On-Ramps

"A well-paying, rewarding career doesn't have to mean a four-year slog through college. There are plenty of jobs that pay nicely with less education, ranging from certificate courses just a few months long to two-year community college programs.

Education costs for most of these careers are modest -- you might even pay nothing at all. If you're from a low-income family and between 18-24, you may qualify to receive up to three years of free job training, housing and support services through the federal program Job Corps. National program director Esther Jacobs says Job Corps serves roughly 100,000 students a year.

"We're the best-kept secret in this country," she says.

Otherwise, state-sponsored technical and vocational schools will usually be a cheaper option than private training companies, and many offer financial aid. Most training programs will help you with job placement when you're done, too.

Here's a look at some of the best-paying jobs you can get into fast, listed with their median annual pay rate for someone with three to five years' experience, according to"

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This article make sense.You just wasting your time studying only on demand of being rich.Seriously,I've met many successful people without archiving a degree nor master or Phd.For example Mr Boney,(sorry can't recall his full name) a successful businessman.He just sell 'KICAP' a.k.a soy source for your information la.Started with him own family recipe,running a small shop at the early beginning,then expanding eventually.

F.y.i,I met this man during 'mesyuarat agong pengurus besar MRSM seMalaysia' on 2005 at Kota Bharu for 4 days I presume.My first impression on him was funny,I thought he was a father of a student there (we were attending a talk that night at Mrsm KB).His attire was so simple it's hard to identify that he is a richy,you know what I mean. Deep inside,I respect him with honor.

"Just live your life positively ok!!"