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Assalamualaikum,dear readers.

Alhamdulillah,finally i've completed my mid term examination on subject Islamic Worldview.Oh,did you notice the term 'ungs',I did mention it alot.haha.Well,Ungs is our course code for the subject Islamic Worldview,this subject is a must for us,student of IIUM.

The main purpose from this subject is to reveal to the students about all aspect of live in term of Islam and implemented the conduct of being a muslim.At first,I though that,"wow,this subject is something",plus being teach by a 'wow' prof,but i prefer to call him Ustaz Adi setia.

Can you believe, our mid-term alone cover 50% of the total mark,final 50%.While the other classes include presentation,assignment,attendant and mid-term.To make it more interesting,we were having an oral examination base on our research from tone of articles.Basically,he wanted us to learn something out of this subject,which for me is good and not for examination. Believe me,if you don't adapt the knowledges it's hard to answers his questions.

Alhamdulillah,thanks to Ustaz Adi for conducting this kind of examination.I've learn a lot.I'll continue reading those type of articles there are still a lot for me to learn about Islam.And I did realize that Islam is not just a religion it is a way of life.

Owh,by the way final examination is near.Need to focus in study.Thinking of quiting from social activity at group1989.Might have a second thought if they behave.

And for next year,I might live outside from IIUM,need to find a space to rent.Adoi.I am considering to stay at home.My home at Bentong,not far from Gombak about half an hour or more depend la.If so,I might need a new bike.Fz150 was considered so got fuel injection.Save minyak lor.Hope everything run smoothly.InsyaAllah.

fz150:Kuda berminyak pilihan ku.


  1. Beb,
    Gua nak ajak lu datang lepak blog gua.Rilek rilek.


  2. Pergh,
    ganas la ayat-ayat yang lu gunakan.
    Guapun tak terpikir nak guna ayat-ayat macam tu di blog.Kreatif.

    Rilek rilek.



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