Karmic Koala


Alhamdulillah,just finished the installation of the new version of Ubuntu 9.10,code name 'Karmic Koala'.So far it seem pretty decent for a new OS (open source).

Finally Linux is being one step closer to be a user friendly os,I still remember the first time using this free open source.Damn hard to use,lots of command to remember in order to operate.Man it's pain in the a**,haha.Sorry for my harsh words.

Still 'usha-usha' with the system,don't know what so special bout this Koala yet.

For those who don't know the system you better google it and TRY!!,because it's FREE and reliable system.You don't need to worry about getting viruses,because it's virus free and the most importance part is you will commit less crime.Because you will not support piracy.Seriously if you're to talk about halal or haram please make better attention to this kind of issues.

Sometime I do feel sad and sorry for some of my colleagues,ye la they talk about Islam,promoting issues and boycotting this and that.Bunyi macam hebat je.But aside from that they forgot about this minor part,Piracy.Yes,and when some come to see me,asking for my help to remove their 'WGA',window genuine activation notification,haa,baru tahu hang pakai window ciplak.Waktu tu baru mengelabah nak cari perisian original.You ingat murah ke?.

But please be alert because small can be big sometime.Me too is trying to reduce my usage of pirate softwares and Allhamdulillah, the only pirate softwares that I still use are just Office and Photoshop.Still looking for alternative so far go the replacement but still trying to biasakan diri.

At least we show some gratitude to the developers.But hey take it easy ok.

You can try tones of freeware out there as a replacement,trial version is ok too.

Ok la until next time.Lagi pun aku masih ada peperiksaan yang belum selesai,ada tiga kertas lagi Engineering Drawing,Electric Circiut dan Dynamic.Berusaha-berusaha,haha.


  1. smakin lama smakin ramai yg mgunakan OS...

  2. kan ke bagus,menuju kearah anti-piracy..

  3. aku akan sokong sesiapa yang pakai windows, sekiranya mempunyai lesen yang sah.

    windows, linux atau macintoch lantaklah bagi yang tak tahu apa benda kah itu. :)

    cakap pasal telur ayam yang keluar dari ayam yang makan hasil dari orang lain haram, tapi OS kita pakai yang pirate, kan? itulah silapnya.


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