Photoshop:video tutorial o1:basic

Bismillah dan salam,

ok straight to the point,the same as title I'm giving u a video to watch and perhaps learn something la,insyaAllah.

Actually,I got a request from Umi,my friend la to teach her how to photoshopping.1st things 1st,I'm still a newbie,so,don't aspect much,you know what i'm saying kan and sorry la because i didn't edit this clip,my 'black warrior' (the name of my desktop) is low in RAM,so by running softwares such COREL Studio (i'm using this as my video editing tool) it require a lot of that,even photoshop (u will find some lag in this video,oh,sorry for that,please estimate bout 2~3 minute of ur time waiting ok,warn u awal-awal,heh).

Ok,1st is to know the interface,very crucial ya.Once u get used with the interface,then it's cool,learning process would be easier.Next is 'layering',konsep yang senang dan banyak membantu.Lepas tu,tools.Try to play with the tools+filter.All the best and tanya-tanya la kalau tak faham,tanya mrGoogle pun ok juga ^__^


*suara aku macam pelik je =_=
*sorry,aku lupa on pointer capture,so,tiada cursor dalam video ni


  1. haha..setuju!camera phone pn bleh secantik SLR...=)

  2. kan!!orang tak de modal macam aku ni,kena pandai cari alternatif ^_^


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