Bloggger new bug !?

Bissmillah and salam,

recently i'm facing some error while tempting to post a new post (haha,funny 'to post a new post' semacam saja ayat tu =___=).The Q is why is this happening ? previously ok saja,but since they're updating a feature in blogspot,which is those new design editing feature (is cool and i likes it).

I try googling some info regarding this issue,and ya i came across the solution and it's from blogger's help forum itself =_=',they said that the tags are allowed only in header section and of course other than header section the code will be rejected,ya and to solve it you just simple delete the line which generally look likes this .But,ya there's a 'but',not "but' with an extra 't' ok,haha was kidding,i'm working with a post here typing words! and have nothing to do with the html coding,itu yang peliknya =_______=".

I don't know whether it's a bug or my own mistakes OR an old timer issue,but it's an honor for blogger to fix this,thanks.Oh,if any of you face the same problem,fell free to click the 'Edit Html' button while posting (make sure the error message is promting otherwise the code will not be highlighted) save the post and then you simply delete it.

it's will show something like this

ok that's it for this post,just finish tweaking my win7,to make it fast and 'reliable',well so far better la than before,will posting that,insyaAllah.