Bismillah and salam to all dear readers (as if i got any =_=..huhu)

Did i mention to u that i got myself into an accident lately,no!?,i though i did

Well,it happened in early of May on my way back from UIA.Forgot to mention, i'm taking short semester back then and didn't stay at Mahallah, one subject only,not worth to stay at Mahallah i guess.My class ended on noon and it's freaking hot that day,so i though by using 'jalan lama' route would be much comfortable due to surrounded by natural canopy,it's way colder and nice,angin sepui-sepi bahasa gitu,really calm me down a bit,alhamdulillah.

Ok and here is the worse part,i'm total exhausted that time and feel kinda dizzy,due to the heat maybe plus 'jalan lama' yang bengkang-bengkok,siapa pernah lalu laluan lama Bentong-KL,yup the one that lead to Janda Baik and Genting Sempah.Kinda creepy aiyt =_=.Err,i'm not sure by using 'accident' reflect the actual situation,crash would be better kot.And there it goes i got crash while taking a corner.BANG..oh,silap bunyi..KEBABOOM,eh!?..err..

But,seriously i didn't know i was outbalance,sedar-sedar sudah ada atas tar,Alhamdulillah,my glove+jacket+helmet 've done a good job back then.A minor scratch and bit bruise only,oh kepala pun ting tong.

So,a past few days i though that i might need to makeup my helmet,it got some pretty deep scratch there.It looks kinda ugly and at the same time kinda cool,haha..

And it's spray time!!,

After the crash:

the bike's cool except for the headlamp,remuk and handle bar,bengkok

the right air scoop also

the 1st time i saw this,i'm like 'oh,no kepala kena sagat'

bellow are some of the pics that i took during "the spraying":

printout some design:

detach the visor:



and spraying till satisfied:

attaching 'the eye":

siap (dengan comotnya):

it kinda fun actually to perform a D.I.Y,it keeps me busy :D,hey what if i make another category for this blog,D.I.Y (do it yourself).

p/s:my NDSLite broken,not once but twice,yang hanginnya 2kali hantar ke kedai untuk dibaiki.haiz,dugaan..siapa nak tolak NDSLite pm me ok!


  1. salam... lama tak dtg sini... hihi...
    uiittt... eksiden kerr... parah ker??
    sib xjd pape kan... huhu
    ksian moto ituhh... ^^


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