Heroes:The Zeroes series part 2: Pharaoh: by Ustaz Shareef alAraby

There are at least 4 parts been stressed upon the sirah of Prophet Musa a.s with the Pharaoh.

1. Allah is the best planner indeed

-Firaun with his dream has a plan to kill male babies, Prophet Musa's a.s mother also has a plan to save her child and the wife of Firaun do has a plan which is she want to have a child.

Subhanallah, all those plans are interconnected. A mother who want to save her child end-up floating her child to the door of the killer, the killer himself miss to kill this child and masyaAllah a wife that carve to be a mother get a hold to a child and protected him. And all of this is a protection from Allah toward Prophet Musa a.s

Allah's plan is the best, we might 'forecast' tomorrow and last wa kunfayakun.

2. The way of Da'wah is by gentleness

-Allah swt commanded Prophet Musa a.s to meet the Firaun, he show his adab by speak with gentle to Firaun.

Always speak with gentle toward others, we convey the message of Islam with kindness , it please the one who heard it open a door of acceptance within them. (Gentle not aww-aww, that's kebapokan U_U)

3. Allah is in control of everything

-Allah swt commanded Musa a.s to strike the sea when he did be chased with Firaun and his men. The prophets ask for Allah to immediate 'close' the sea so that the army can't get to them. Allah know best, the dua' is not granted but instead allowing the army to use the 'path' and drown them alive.

Allah do know what we know not, the this is do our part first. In this sirah, Prophet Musa a.s without a doubt strike the sea as asked, if it were us? .Even in a hadith the Prophet s.a.w did urge us to tie a camel before leave it and tawakal.


-At every moment of tyrant, Prophet Musa a.s directly asking for Allah helps. Reflect ourselves to whom we ask for consultation each time in despair? Even after consulting lots of makhluqat still dua' to Him is none.

There are lots of ibrah we can take upon sirah, the story of Asiah and the hair comber do make us ponder insyaAllah.

Don't be as arrogant as Firaun, be as gentle as Prophet Musa a.s. And differ ourselves with Iblis. Iblis do worship Allah, do his commandments but refuse to make sujud to Adam a.s.