[Tazkiyatul Nafs (the purification of the heart): Chapter 7: Istighfar]

Istighfar by literal refer to asking forgiveness of Allah swt, it means to ask for maghfirah. The deeper understanding of maghfirah is asking Allah to conceal our sin and protection from it.

"A story of 2 men been shown to them a palace in heaven by Allah swt, Allah mention that they're able to buy a place in this palace with a price, and the price is forgiveness toward his brother.."

To seek forgiveness from Allah is easy because He is the most forgiveness but it differ with mankind. Pesan Ustaz, the 1st thing we should try to avoid is owing others, and yet at hereafter even a son would avoid his mother that asked for her goodness to be repay.

Basic guidelines for taubah:

1- be sincere and regret
2- stop the sin
3- determine to stop repeating the sin

-Short notes from the kuliyyah, may Allah swt forgive us from our mistakes and may Allah swt soften our brothers and sisters heart for them to forgive our mistakes. And I seek forgiveness to my fellow friends for every inch of my mistakes in and out

p/s: blog ni dah lama sunyi, will try to istikhamah update short notes gain from each kuliyyah or ta'alim insyaAllah.