Comic strips and illustration

Drawing has become my passion ever since I was a kid,
Been born as a Muslim, a khalifah and also a dai'e,
Its would be nice to mix all of them isn't?

This are some of my collections and lots yet to be completed soon insyaAllah,
Study in engineering restricting me to fully commit with this,
Rabbunal yusahhil insyaAllah,
May Allah grand me the opportunities to work all my drafts and share it with all insyaAllah..

My murabbi once said:
"Every each of us have a gift from Allah swt, 
Some they are good in singing,
Some they are good in advising,
Some they are good in studies,
Figure it-up yours and use it to find His redha :) "

[Comic Strip 01] Iman dan Bidin: Adab dalam masjid

[Comic Strip 02] Iman dan Bidin: Kebersihan dan sabar
[Comic Strip 03] Random: Perjuangan 
[Comic Strip 04] Ramadhan: Ahlan yaRamadhan

[Comic Strip 05] Ramadhan: Persiapan

[Doodle 01] "Proud to be muslimah"

[Doodle 02] AlMu'minun verse 2

[Doodle 03] "Proud to be Musliman" markII

[Doodle 04] AnNur verse 30-31

[Doodle 05] "Perbanyakkan senyuman"