Khutbah Jumaat : Masjid Shah IIUM: Ustaz Shareef alAraby (rasanya) :19 april

As usual khatib starts the khutbah by praising Allah swt and reminding us to have taqwa. Today khutbah is about nikmah, the gift that Allah swt gives to us. If we are to count the nikmah, surely it is impossible.

Ustaz further his khutbah by describing the hadith of taking advantages of 5 before 5  narrated by imam alHakim dan Baihaqi;

"Rasulullah saw said; Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth, before you become old; and your health, before you fall sick; and your richness, before you become poor; and your free time before you become busy; and your life, before your death."

1-   your youth before you become old

The terminology of 'youth' in this content is not as defined by west, a teenager of age range from 14-20 years old. Some said it until the age of 40 where the degree of maturity is at its peak. Youthfulness is a time when a person is the most energetic, when he lays out the foundations for his future, and when he plans his life.

2- your health before you fall sick

Take advantage of this before diseases and plagues come because mankind, being mankind, will fall sick. Everyone falls sick. If we did not fall sick, we would not be humans, we would be divine.

Rasulullah saw said:

"There are two blessings the majority of mankind have been deceived concerning." The majority of mankind do not appreciate these two blessings. They are "health," good health, "and free time."

The story of Yunus ibn Ubai, who complain about his poverty to one of the scholar of salaf. The scholar then asked him; "Would you be willing to give away your sight for a certain amount of money?"

The man said, "No, of course not."
Then he asked him, "Would you be willing to give your hands away?"
He said, "No, of course not."
He asked, "Your feet?"
He said, "Of course not."
When he finished he said "I see that you have hundreds of thousands of millions of blessings, yet you are complaining of poverty?"

3- your richness before you become poor

One day we might not have anything, and the next we might have much more than we need. One day, a person might have the best of jobs and the largest of salaries, yet, the next day, something happens and he does not have that job anymore and loses his source of income. So the wise person uses his richness before he becomes poor. He invests for his future.

Prophet swt said;

"Verily, the money that you spend in charity is your money, and the money that you leave behind is the money of your inheritors."

Make investment that last till Jannah.

4- your free time when you become busy

Spending time wisely does not necessarily mean purely religious deeds. But spending your time wisely and even be something in this world. Learn a trade. Learn something that can benefit you in this world and that can benefit other people as well. Islam is a complete way of life, a complete code of conduct.

5- your life before your death

How are we going to use this life before death comes? As for the kafir, he will totally waste it because he will make this life his goal. He will live only to appease and satisfy every desire of his. Then on the Day of Judgment, he will beg Allah to send him back to this life.

May Allah swt makes us amongst those who can ightallim, those who can seize these five things.

May this short notes benefit insyaAllah.