Khutbah Jumaat: Masjid Shah IIUM: 10mei 2013

In today sermon Khatib touch the essence of brotherhood and unity in Islam. He stressed that we, the muslims does not appreciate brotherhood nor implement it in our heart. And yet we practice the wrong perception of brotherhood. 

Some nasihah that Khatib share with in order for us to stay in union in the name of Allah swt.

1- Do not label our brothers and sisters, respect and acknowledge them.
2- Do al amarul ma'ruf wa nahyil anil mungkar
3- Do what Allah has command us with, obey Him.

I'm not focusing much at the khutbah, kinda indulged into this topic and ponder upon my whole life. Apologies for this short note.

And last night I did attend a talk, da'wah design by bro Kashmiri and adik Aisyah syakirah though suppose to see Dr. Maszlee there. Bro Kashmiri with his heroes (again haha) did touch the same topic, and seriously friends from IIUM if this whole years of your degree and you didn't be friend at least one la with our International brothers and sisters here, rugi besar la. And same with the International. Just break those stupid barriers and live outside your "tempurung". Because we're originally bros and sis in Islam aiyt?. Maybe we could break those barriers by stop calling our International friends as Foreigner.

By the way bro Muhammad Kashmiri, how did you become so funny la. Teach me jokes sensei, lol.

Tabarakallah fi kum