Khutbah jumaat: Ummah yang terbaik

Have taqwa, pesan khatib like always.

Khutbah minggu ni khatib sentuh peranan kita dalam membentuk "khairan ummah: yakni ummah yang terbaik.

"Kuntum khairan ummahtul linnas watakmurunabil ma'ruf watanhawna anil mungkar wa tuk minul nabillah"

Allah has created us as the best ummah, do al makruf nahi mungkar.

The question is do we really the best ummah? Did we at least try to be one? Or it does not matter , the only matter is at least i can feed my family or i can get a job and you know, get married and enjoy my life a little bit...

Pesan khatib,
Work our part to preach the best ummah, by preserving the quality of the solah, pay zakat, do amal ma'ruf and nahil the best of a teacher to the young generation, ok that one is from me =_='v.

-Khatib baca teks lagi, tak apa lah yang penting pengisiannya.