Isu ikhtilat lagi

So here's some funny story to share with.

My supervisor love to give some tazkirah before we start our meeting or discussion.

So last Khamis she said this to us,
"You know what there's no such a thing as best friend between guy and a girl (ajnabi) in Islam and some share nor comfort each others in the name of friendship, that is not right.. do you agree?.."

"well yes madam, we called that"

"the thing is saya baru buat rumah kat belakang uia, nak pergi tengok tapi risau pula dengan pekerja asing kat situ, suami kerja jauh nak ajak kamu kita ajnabi..saya ajak sis zu je la petang ni"


We're suprisingly clueless by her intro but yah there's points there. Ikhtilat, kinda susah nak jaga but possible bagi yang benar-benar serius. Be nice to all but do put barriers.

Kaviti hati banyak bermula dari gula-gula ikhtilat yang tak terkawal. Pedih woo penyakit hati ini, hati-hati jaga hati then.

I'm not that good too with handling isu ikhtilat ni, sometimes I might think we're brothers and sisters and sometimes I feel pitty to ignore them. Well ajnabi still an ajnabi, haram still haram. Walaupun rasa ikhtilat between budak-budak uia ni tak melampaui batas pun. But sometimes they do have some glitch.

So, why not upgrade to the next level then, the level that inpar with the salaf? Kita cuba both brothers and sisters insyaAllah