Persepsi hidup

So, i've started my master degree this week.

And had my 1st class with Madam Fadzlin, my supervisor since undergraduate. She's nice, always question her students bout their intention of doing things. We had some ta'aruf before starting the lecture. And then she asked (again for me)

"Why did you do your master?.."

Most of my colleagues answer "well..i wanna learn, plus..",
And me too with the same answer,

The 'plus' part really differentiate us, the answer by Bro Mazer (or Manzer) really inspired me. He's from Bangladesh. A well know place for muslims to be oppressed. He said that the youth there are struggling their best in education so that they can have the power to replace the current government. Many of them're involved in Dakwah and Tarbiah by the way. So, he purely express his intention to continue study for the sake of his country and the muslims there. MasyaAllah, and compared with us our youth not so serious with the action to purified (it seems la) the kezaliman by our gov in a good manner la, most practice short term 'riot' (if you know what i meant). May Allah grant your dua' yaAkh.

And for me, instead of learning i wanna live outside the norm. To find the best of my capacity for the deen, the ummah (insyaAllah) and for me. InsyaAllah. It does not mean one should have to be a famous person, cukup sekadar ada satu usaha yang boleh kita banggakan di hadapan Allah swt kelak.

Q that i've always ponder upon "apa aku nak sumbang balik dengan ilmu kejuruteraan elekronik ni? kita bukan berada pada zaman einstein or thomas edison realiti bila dah masuk industry kerja untuk cari duit dan bab sumbangan itu terkongkong".

The comic below really reflect my thought on our conception of life.

Pandang dan nilai hidup dari kamus seorang mukmin, insyaAllah kata-kata Rasulullah saw akan dunia ini satu tempat berteduh dapat kita garap isinya. Mencabar, tapi cuba la cuba.