So here is another sharing to ponder with,

We had a break during the class tadi, and madam share some Q to ponder.

"Do you believe, Allah swt created things in pair?.."

"Yes, its in the Quran also madam.." me answer internally.

"So we learned that atom consist of proton and neutron, proton is paired with electron right? So how bout neutron then?.."

And everyone remain clueless. If I to agree with neutron is an acceptional i might indirectly neglecting Allah saying then. Kulhuwallahu Ahad! Only Allah is singular.

"There's a research done by the western, they use an accelerator to bombard that particle, and suprisingly neutron do consist of two subatomic particles. Yes, its in pair.."  said her.

Subhanallah is it.

Another Q related to that is

"Why? Why they give such efforts to do that? It cost money and time etc.."

"We (i) have no idea madam.."

"This non-muslims scientis ultimately they want to find the answers of our origin. What on earth the nature is? Do god ever exist? Etc. Which we (muslims) had been given the answers ages ago.."

"Maybe we should ask the students this type of Qs, Q that relates ilm muhandasah with adDeen. ." add her.

That is a nice sharing to ponder with yet for me. I did come across that kinda of philosophy before. Kinda shamefull sebab I ponder upon that before come across our own philosophy.

The ibrah is, don't seculize (betul ke term itu), meh so jangan sekularkan pemikiran. Yet ilmu ladunni and ilmu sains it go inpar with each others.

Yah, will try my best insyaAllah.