The muslim Heroes: revisiting the prophet season2: Lut a.s

Syeikh Yahya Ibrahim begin his lecture by reminding us to have taqwa, before he touch the essence of the story of prophet Lut a.s he begin with the abstraction of the story of prophet Ibrahim a.s.

1) To be an alGhuraba
anNabiyin Ibrahim a.s at his early age have a critical mindset than others, he questions upon the idols that his father used to make.

"O' the one who i gain benefit from (i forgot the arabic term that have the accurate meaning, nabi Ibrahim a.s didn't address him as father) you're taking this stone and after you craft it into a god. How can from a stone it became a god by just shaping it?..."

alGhuraba means a stranger.

2) People are more influenced by our action (akhlaq)
In this relation to the sirah, the prophet Luth a.s has been influenced by the characteristics of prophet Ibrahim a.s.

3) Don't ever leave the Quran (kalamullah)
Have faith in Allah because indeed His words is absulute, the strong faith been shown by the prophets Ibrahim a.s when the Angle offering him a help (when he's been burn into fire) he said Hasbunallaha waniqmal wakil.

Ibrah from the story of prophet Lut a.s

1) Allah don't judge our dakwah by how famous we've become, how many followers we have or how much we've influenced and such.
anNabiyin Lut a.s, he is indeed a prophet but he have so few in followers, syeikh mention the number is around 8 people. But that does not mean he failed to be a nabi. So does us, do al amarul and nahyil anil mungkar istiqamah-ly. Not for the sake of the outcome but for the sake of seeking the pleasure of Allah. Orang tak kenal kita tak mengapa, yang penting Allah saksi usaha kita.

2) Don't stop offering goods to people
The prophet lut a.s offering his daughters to homosexual guys to be married with.

And some nasihah syeikh yahya mentioned to us:
1) Don't spying on our brothers/sisters that is not a character of a muslim
2) Don't judge a person by their appearances, lots of example been given by syeikh and one of that is a prostitute been rewarded jannah by helping a cat.
3) The misunderstanding conception upon this kalam "

Allah will not give a trial that we unable with", Allah give us that particular trials with tools, it might be someone, a consultation or even a way to make us strong enough for that trial.
4) Two factors that make us far from Allah s.w.t which are doubt and nafs
5) and aku lupa... U_U

p/s: this note might carca-marba sikit sebab i'm solely relying on my memories, yah sometimes i do that cuba faham dan garap.. if ada silap teguran lah.

May this note benefit us all.