Khutbah Jumaat: 29Nov 2o13: Masjid Shas Iiu: Dakwah

As usual khatib begin the khutbah by reminding us to have taqwa. This week sermon, khatib indulge the jamaah with the topic of Da'wah.

Da'wah is an act of inviting people to be specific to invite people to adDeen, towards the Lord Almighty. From the prophets saw:

"Convey others even with one verse.."
[Sahih Bukhari]

The obligation to do da'wah lied on the shoulder of each of us. Khatib also mentioned the stages of da'wah. It start with us, our family then the scope became wider. Da'wah to the non-muslims and also to our fellow muslims. 

A da'ie is dynamic,
He/she conveying the message of Islam with hikmah,
Use every possible chances and method,

Talking about da'wah eh, jangan sampai terikat dengan title hati-hati penyakit hati. Just do what we can with kerendahan hati. Have taqwa kawans.