Ada apa pada label

"When someone come to you,
Seeking for an advice and knowledge,
The one who acknowledge your taqwa and ilm,
Don't be angry to them,
Don't condemn them,
Don't dump digging their sins,

Teach and advice them with love,

We're once an ignorance too.."

Have taqwa

Seorang dai'e itu sifatnya mengajak manusia khususnya saudara sesama akidah lebih mendekati dan menjiwai agama. Dia tidak mencemuh si pelaku maksiat, juga menjarakkan diri dari kalangan itu. Dia...mengajak tanpa kasta.

I don't..
I don't like this title, this label,
A Dai'e..
A Murabbi..
An Ustaz..

Nor I'm not one of those,
Yet some keen to call me so,
This title is a fitnah,
Fitnah that works by creating barriers,
To put on a label,
"I'm better than them.."

I'm just a muslim,
An abid,
A sinner, 
Just like you just like them,
Yet trying to seek his way..
The way to Jannah. 

Grab my hand,
Let's go to Jannah together,