Khutbah Jumaat: Masjid Shah Iium: Ustaz Navail Aziz: Dua' an act of redemption


A brief about the khutbah just now that delivered by Syeikh Navaid Aziz from Canada.

Syeikh elaborate the meaning of a dua'. Few criteria been given by him.

1- A dua' begin with tahmid (puji-pujian) and end also with tahmid. Observe in suratul Fatihah at the beginning of the ayah is the praise to Allah swt, and verse number 6 is the dua'; to show us the straight path.
2-Make dua' with the language or by mean we understand the content of the dua'. Allah swt is the creator of the languages , He knows.
3- Sincere with your dua', ask Allah swt with yakin. He love us to keep on asking.
4- Make dua' not only for this life in this dunya but also for the akhirah. Syeikh reminiscent the story of Adam a.s with Iblis. Upon the sin committed by Adam a.s, he repent by make a dua' like in suratul alAraf : 23

قَالَا رَبَّنَا ظَلَمْنَا أَنْفُسَنَا وَإِنْ لَمْ تَغْفِرْ لَنَا وَتَرْحَمْنَا لَنَكُونَنَّ مِنَ الْخَاسِرِينَ

Ertinya: Keduanya berkata: "Ya Tuhan kami, kami telah menganiaya diri kami sendiri, dan jika Engkau tidak mengampuni kami dan memberi rahmat kepada kami, niscaya pastilah kami termasuk orang-orang yang merugi.

While Iblis on the other hand, only make a dua' to live long enough until the day of Kiyamah. He did not ask for a forgiveness upon his sin too. Pretty much an advise for us there. 

And few point were given regarding the cause of our dua' been rejected by Allah swt.

1- Our sins, a lot!
2- The one who 'putuskan silaturahim'
3- Based on an hadis of a person asking Allah swt but he did not get it due to his wealth is haram, his cloth is haram and his food is haram. Be really careful with what goes inside our body and soul, make it our income and such. Make it halal and learn because sometimes and halal can also turn out to be haram.

Last, a story shared by Khatib.

A story of a janitor who is normal, not an abid sangat. He spend his life cleaning buildings and such. Make some saving for a Hajj. One day Allah swt permit him to go for a Hajj. During the Hajj, while riding a bus. He saw an old lady sighing upon tired of walking. To make the story short, this guy will to give his seat in the bust to this pity old lady.

The lady then make a dua for him, may Allah swt invite him to Hajj many time. And the dua' been granted. MasyaAllah. From a simple act, but the barakah is huge is it?

Allahu alam bissawaq

May Allah swt make us the one who benefit others, and may Allah swt grant us jannatul firdaus amiin

Sometimes you need to push yourselves in order to keep 'alive'. Don't worry much, He's always hear us.