Khutbah Jumaat: Masjid Shas Iium: Ustaz Ibrahim Nuhu

A short note from the khutbah just now by Ustaz Ibrahim. He begin the khutbah by reminding us to have taqwa as normal. 

The main menu for the khutbah is regarding asSolah. The extraction of solah (prayer) towards a muslim.

There're 3 main points been highlighted which are:

0- The story of Nabi saw undergo a 'surgery' to purify of his heart , the ibrah is the important to tazkiya our soul before anything.

1- The story of Nabi saw upon receiving the gift from Allah yakni the revelation of the number of asSolah, he meet Nabi Musa a.s along the way. Nabi Musa a.s based on his experiences with the most Zalim person on earth, the Pharaoh and the most arrogant tribe ever exist the Jews, advises the prophet saw to ask Allah to reduce the number of prayer from 50 to at the end 5, due to his worried the we cannot fulfill it.

Lesson shared by Ustaz, both of the prophet were correct. Nabi Musa a.s with his worry of us to see the 5 daily prayer as a burden and the faith in prophet Muhammad saw in us upon the prayer. Thus, until this day there are this two group of Muslim; the one who took prayer lightly and the one who commit with it.

2- From the famous hadith, where there is a companion who pray and he give salam to the prophet saw but Nabi saw said to him

"Go and pray again, because you did not pray", and he redo his prayer until 2-3 times. And at the end, Nabi saw show him the right way.

According Ustaz, in other narration (kalau aku tak silap dengar la), the 'thing' that is missing in the companion solah is tuma'ninah. And Ustaz advice us to observe this, don't pray fast, don't be hurry in our prayers.

3- The interpretation of how the Solah can protect one-self. The solah of the prophet saw, is a rest for him. Few examples of the companions been given by Ustaz. One of the companion been shot by an arrow during his prayer, but because of the prayer the pain is nothing, and another sahabah his leg were cut and by prayer he remove the pain.

I did share some similar points regarding this in my blog:

-That's pretty much it, banyak lagi huraian dari Khatib yang bestnya Ustaz Ibrahim Nuhu ni suka ambil ibrah dari para sahabat dan rasul and most of it dari hadis-hadis. Have taqwa, may this short noted benefit bi iznillah.