Khutbah jumaat: Masjid Shas Iium

Khatib begin the khutbah by infusing the issues circled in our ummah today.

"Why're we being something that we're not suppose to be.."

The same essence with my previous posting. A muslim engineer but he give little benefit to the ummah with his title, so on and so forth. This is actually a fitnah for us, the one who live in this akhirul zaman. And the sadly truth, even Rasulullah saw had predicted this. (based on hadis from Imam Muslim; sorry later on i'll search for that hadis insyaAllah. Or if any of you have the full citation of 'em, if you would like to share that will be nice).

One Q that he give for us to ponder upon.
"Why? Allah saw give us such fitnah?.."

Khatib express the root term of fitnah, ف ت ن‎ (Fa' ta na) in lugha term of view. It's some test or to be tested/ examination to find out the  purity or impurity in materials . In the religious point of view, fitnah is trials and tribulation to extract a good one with the muddy one. A trial to test whether or not we're a true believer.

Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe" and they will not be tried?
But We have certainly tried those before them, and Allah will surely make evident those who are truthful, and He will surely make evident the liars.
[alAnkabut 29:2-3]
 In the second khutbah, syeikh share a reminder bout our role in adDeen.

"Our own capabilities to adDeen, the ummah, towards our families and to ourselves.."

The point that been stressed-up him is that Allah saw judge us based on our efforts not the end result of something. By all means, this is a serious one big chunky of mercy from Him. He does not burden us with something that's beyond our capacity.

Indeed to correct order for this starts with me, family, then the community within our reach, then to the higher level of nation.. higher and higher. But the sole things is you, yourself to be a benefit to the others. And last reminder from syeikh, that's not an act of arrogant for us to become a role model for others to follow with as long as the intention is to share the benefit of being a good guy for the sake of Allah swt.

May Allah swt makes us amongst that give benefit towards the others, and may Allah swt makes us the person who influence others to be a righteous person as we're also struggling to become one too.

Allahu ta'ala 'alam.


-The second khutbah really soothing my heart. It's something that i keep on pondering and to find the right way of 'em since spm and up until this point. Am i setting the right priority in this regard?  It's okay for me to sacrifice chances that i got (to contribute something) and be focus 'repairing' this family? Jazakumullahu khairan katsira, to mutarabbi, kawans and seniors who directly and indirectly teach me.

Trying my best to be the best zauj by trying to become the best son first. I know, i'm not living a normal life like the others. Sebab soalan pertama yang akan ditanya, apa peranan dakwah aku pada ahli keluarga..