The Media

Honestly i just don't listen to music,
Make it a nasyid or black metal,

But one day they change me,
They happen to be so bising during the prep (but not my class la 1-3 delta is kuburan during that time, love it!) and also at our dorm. So instead of listening to their noise i pick-up something that i don't understand. Thus, songs from animes that i watched as the lullaby. Up until today still listening to the same song though, i just don't embrace hiburan in this sense. I should be listening to Quran back then, entah-entah dah hafiz dah aku ni U_U, astagfirullahal aziim.

Kadang-kadang blur juga kalau ada yang ajak bersembang perihal ini. Oh ya, bola sepak pun aku tidak tonton permainannya. And some might find me boring in this sense.

This is the first english song that i happen to heard back then.

And why i'm sharing this? oh ya, people tend to take social media way to seriously. Tak percaya? try unfriend one of your actual friend in your friend list and see what happen. So, may this become a resume for those who want to i don't know stalk, find your soulmate or judge?.. 

-Have taqwa, if you really can't differentiate between the boundaries between social media and the real life. Husnuzhoon husnuzhoon and husnuhoon, that is the best advice i can give. We can discuss more about this, but dah azan and i really miss that time in forum la when people interact with each others based on the issued itself. jantina macam tak wujud. 

And sometimes if i comment and give some advice to an ajnabi, if you find it tak menjaga ikhtilat wallahi i just give it solely upon the issue. 

Will close all my social medias if Allah give me a chance to get married or combine it with future zaujah kot. Fitnah or salah faham kadang tu melampau sangat even dah berhati-hati pilih orang dalam friend list ni pun.. tssk. 

Allahu ta'ala a'lam