Qalamullah to ponder

"Verily, you O' Muhammad guide not whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He knows best those who are the guided."


Indeed to whom Allah give His guidance none can misguide them and verily to whom Allah left them astray none can guide them. Don't despair o' young daie' when your 'voice' is being ignored, and yet He who judge you by your intention and actions not the numbers of people who receive your da'wah.

Ibrah lain,

Ambil satu saat dalam hidup,
Diam dan cuba islah diri,
Renung kembali kronologi hidup yang lalu,
Pengalaman manisnya,
Pengalaman pahitnya,
Kerana di situ terselit bait-bait tarbiah,
Bermuhasabah atas kronologi hidup yang diizinkan olehNya..

-Gelak macam kuda, yip-yip...