Pendapat kalian?

They, out there discussing bout us. Either it's bout ISIS or not, islamophobia is a serious matter.

One thing that really bother me regarding this is the Muslims ourselves. Lagi-lagi di Malaysia ni, banyak nau hal-hal remeh yang perlu usaha dakwahnya.

Dari hal sebesar mengkafirkan sesama muslims sehinggakan hal sekecil solat asing-asing di dalam SURAU awam.

We claim we're brothers and sisters in Islam right?

But when we do good to others,
People bad mouth you,
When we give salam,
It is only to the one that we know,
When we give a helping hand towards ajnabi,
It easily become a fitnah,
And when we say we love Islam...err do we?

-Some things that i guess it is good for us to ponder with. Susah juga kalau orang duk pertahankan agama kita tapi dalam masa yang sama kita abaikan ajaran agama sendiri. My murabbi once adviced,

"if you're at your 20th and you still cycle with whether couple is halal or haram, should i get married or not, or still struggling to wake up on fajr and struggling to read the Quran.

you need to work harder and focus to understand and practice the religion "

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