Life indeed is full of suprises.

As i walked along the street,
Heading to the masjid for fajr in the dimp darkness of dawn, 
Who knows i might pray besides one of the person i dear the most,

And we sat there in the masjid,
Chatting till syuruk,

We talked bout life,
Bout the future,
Bout the ummah,
Bout ourselves,

And something popped into my mind,

It's ok sometime for you to just go with the flow of life. To have no proper planning in life. But ensure to have strong faith for Allah is directing you to His planning. Thus, it's also ok for you to struggle to seek passion to seek love in what you're doing now. And it's ok too to spend few years to find things that you can do with itqan rather than wasting your whole life doing things that you hate.

The thing is to have faith,
A strong one indeed...

"From there we came here, station to prepare for the next departures. To our home...."