As a son, we do learn to look at our dad's shoulder. It indeed heavy, being a man is one thing, being a dad is also one thing. Dad is our superhero.

In surahtul Nisa' ayah 34 "ArRijal qawwamun ala nisa'.." . A qawwammah, it covers almost all aspects what the deen urge us to do, tabligh, da'wah, to be a murabbi, also a best friend to our spouse and family, etc.

One day bi iznillah I'm gonna be a husband, a dad and of course a son right now. Should really instill this ayah in me. I may not be able to replace her father, yah she grew old with him unlike me just a stranger. Once said "daughter is dad little princess forever.." aiyt? Whoever you're I will try my best to serve you as much as your dad did. Lagipun kahwin itu bukanlah cerita cinta hindustan.

Love you dad, will try my best to be your saham akhirat insyaAllah.

Jika dia yang terbaik, izinkanlah yaRabb.